Jan Morris wearing a striped top with beads and a scarf, holding her glasses.

1926 – 2020

”What was important was the liberty of us all to live as we wished to live, to love however we wanted to love, and to know ourselves, however peculiar, disconcerting or unclassifiable …”

Jan Morris was a British journalist, travel writer and historian. The greatest journey she took was not across our planet, but between two identities: from reporter, James Morris, to intrepid traveller, Jan Morris. James became Jan when sex change surgery was not openly discussed. Jan wrote about wars, famines and earthquakes, but her most revealing piece of writing was Conundrums, a book about her decision to undergo transition surgery. Jan never shied away from being open and honest, even if that meant she would be criticised or ostracised.

What are you brave enough to be open and honest about?

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