“Amazing People Schools is part of our daily routine and an important part of the recovery curriculum. I used it to introduce my class to several phenomenal Black people including Louis Armstrong, Abebe Bikila and Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti. After watching a video and reading the story, I give the class time to jot down 5 facts …. At the end of the week, children share some of the character strengths we’ve been learning about and the ones they have decided to work on or noticed in a friend. I use the character strengths for self-affirmation. It’s an invaluable resource. The children love it.”

M Boateng, Holmleigh School

Margaret’s video testimonial explains how she has used Amazing People Schools in her primary school to build resilience, engage students during circle time and build the school community at a difficult time, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Amazing People School has been an incredible teaching tool, in assisting students to reflect on their own values and character strengths by seeing how these were used and applied by some of the most amazing people of our history.  The wide variety of audio videos featuring global diverse characters  and their fascinating stories keeps my students engaged and helps them to understand the world from a global perspective. It has been rewarding hearing students use the language of the character strengths  in our classroom and apply these to both classroom and social situations.”

Rebecca – Secondary Teacher Sunshine Coast

“During our extended period of Home Learning I was looking for wellbeing programs that would engage Year 6 students. I decided to trial Amazing Peoples Schools and was not disappointed. I have been focussing on one characteristic each week and all my students look forward to learning about people who exhibit these traits. The learning tasks are engaging and promote a great deal of discussion. I am planning to make Amazing Peoples Schools part of my wellbeing program once we are all back at school learning face to face. We will then have greater opportunities to discuss these famous people and develop greater understanding of the characteristics that make them so amazing.”

Jennifer Eshman – Assistant Head Gwynneville Public School

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