Megan Rapinoe kicking a ball during a match

1985 –

“I think I have unique qualities that other people don’t have that can contribute to the team.”

Megan Rapinoe is one of the top female football players in the world. She played a key role in helping Team USA win two FIFA World Cup Championships and an Olympic gold medal. Megan is one of the best-known players on the team, and she gets a lot of attention. But Megan recognizes that her success is due to being part of a team that works together to achieve a common goal. And whether she’s on or off the field, Megan knows that using her unique talents and combining forces with others makes her stronger and more successful.

Are you willing to join with others when you are striving for a goal that’s important to you?

Try this activity: courage – being an ally means not only not judging someone yourself, but also sticking up for them if they are being bullied. Can you find examples from people outside the LGBT+ community who acted as allies in action?

A historical role model we include on the site is Alan Turing. He was known as the Father of Modern Computing, a World War II hero and inventor of Artificial Intelligence. He was arrested for having a relationship with a man. Find out more about his story and legacy on the site.

Find out about other LGBT+ achievers in our free resource: Primary PDF | Secondary PDF

Photo: Jamie Smed, OH [CC BY 2.0]