Harriet Tubman knew all about resilience. Albert Einstein used wildly creative ideas in his scientific work. Character strengths such as empathy, perseverance and gratitude greatly improve the odds that our young people will thrive, regardless of the challenges.

Character strengths also play a vital role in student wellbeing, social emotional learning, and positive personal development.  And they’ve never been more important. Amazing People Schools supports young people, in both primary and secondary schools, to harness these innate character strengths, believe in themselves, and flourish.

Find out how in this introductory video.

Power up character strengths for positive change

Our website and ready-to-use resources bring to life the incredible stories of game changers from history – ordinary people who used their character strengths to help them achieve extraordinary things. Our site has been carefully designed to support learning and development on a whole school basis, across the whole curriculum.

Be even more amazing

Strength of character is everything. We all possess amazing potential; our Amazing People help students recognise their own strengths and understand what they are truly capable of – just like so many before them. Let’s empower the trailblazers of tomorrow!

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